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The Lebanon presidential election of 2016: Pick one!

Do you think the popular movement will lead to Lebanon
finding a solution to the lack of government authority?

Are we now seeing a third World War?

Choose your next president of Lebanon?

Lebanese, which local stations do you follow mostly?

How do you foresee Lebanon's future during the next one year?

Name of the Mediterranean Sea: Black Sea, White Sea, Phoenician Sea

What will the situation in Syria generate in Lebanon?
A better Lebanon? A civil war? I don't know

Lebanese, Marriage is: Part of life... Give and Take... The solution
to all my problem... A mess, it is impossible... Trust, Love, Loyalty...

In your opinion, in order to resolve the Lebanese crisis, should Lebanon
be cut up, either into small independent states or into a federation of states?

Which is the best company offering
smart phone available today in Lebanese market?

What should Syrian President Bashar El Assad

Are you in favor of facultative Civil Marriage in Lebanon?

Do you think Israel was involved in the murder of the late Rafic Hariri?

Lebanese If you won the lottery, would you quit your job?

Lebanese, do you think sanctions should be imposed upon Iran?

Do you accept seeing Arab women working
at any sort of Job, same as all-men jobs?

In General, who lies more males or females?

Acceptable / not acceptable for gays - lesbians to engage / same-sex behavior?

Lebanese society: Do you think rock/metal listeners are satanist or suicidal?

Lebanese, at which age do you accept sexual relation to begin?

Where Should We Donate $10 Million?

Palestinian implantation in Lebanon is it?

Were you obliged or constrained or paid to vote for a particular candidate?

In June 2009 will you vote for the Middle Part, Loyalists or the Opposition?

Lebanese are you optimistic for 2009? (Economic situation and Political conflicts)

- Young Lebanese, do you oppose your parent's political views?

- Which Lebanese television stations do you watch most?

- Lebanese are you a Spartan when it comes to money?

- Lebanese how do you stay cool on hot summer days?

- Most beautiful Wonders in Lebanon?

- Foreigners, why do you visit Lebanon?

- Are Lebanese snobbish people?

- Lebanese, how do you evaluate your social status?

- Lebanese, do you live your religious faith?

- Lebanese, do you watch porn?

- Responsible: the current situation in Lebanon - 2008

- Planning to leave Lebanon soon

- Axis of Evil in Middle East Crisis

- 2007's most prominent Lebanese politician

- Vote for future president of Lebanon

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