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What should Syrian President Bashar El Assad
(Created on 31.05.2011 - Ended 31.10.2011)

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Fadi Labakeh - 4 months ago

The western world (an hypocrite) is seeing only what opposition is suffering.. does they see what the government and the police is suffering from...? Not all people in roads are angel.. if we admit that from the side of the State they use strong manner.. but as well the other guys of roads are not easy... and that kid poor kid killed God bless his soul was not torturated.. it is bullshit...! A blue face because he was dead since days and days before taking him in photo as dead.. and blue face doesn't mean torturated... Of course am not at all happy a poor boy being killed... My conclusion.. not defending the state of Syria and as well not defending the guys of roads...
And the Arab world.. are so funny with their democracy... I dont who, from the people, knows the definition of democracy... ask them a lot will tell you democracy means put down Assad by force and spreading killing to have him down.. that for them democracy.. and will see later if they success doing so.. will see what the means will be with the Sunnite ruling the new Syria... Saudia Arabia will purchase maybe 50 percent to be in her politic of the region and the other 50 will spread Chaos... killing.. revenge... hating!!!
World of Islam.. stop spreading each Friday hating.. isn't a day of pray on Friday... how you can after ur pray go and kill each other...? Aw u believe in Saif el Islam.. it means Religion rule the people faith and the State! Will not comment more.. hope this site dare to put my quick comment.

Mohammed - 4 months ago
Shame on you.. Assad is a criminal like his father.. and wait to see how will rule you...! To hell Assad and followers

William MATAR - 2 months ago
Plz calm down no injure to each other here

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