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Do you think Israel was involved in the murder of the late Rafic Hariri?
(Created on 15.08.2010 - Ended 13.03.2011)

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Christian - 5 months ago
Stop paying money for this non sens tribunal

Khaled - 4 months ago
We are tired after all.. we drink Hariri, we eat Hariri.. we sleep Hariri and then we wake up on Hariri.. ENOUGH !!

Jamal - 4 months ago
It is not a question of drinking here.. it is an International Tribunal! You are not funny

Khaled - 3 months ago
Don't be kid Jamal with your international tribunal.. all we know about international law when it comes on politics...

Joe - 3 months ago
It was more likely Hezbolla who did it. In fact, it is almost a certainty, and the Candian reporters broke this wide open a few weeks ago. The International Tribunal is simply too political to talk about it. They have a pretty good idea who did what, but they don't want to say. Lebanon is finished. It is sad, but true. Lebanon is no longer any Switzerland. It is Switzerstan; and brother there is a difference!


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