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Lebanese... acceptable or not acceptable for gays and lesbians to engage in same-sex behavior? >Results<

Comments we received:

2009-12-27 15:58:24 ET
I am not against, however it is considered anti-religion. If it happen under some moral... it is ok.

Elie Haddad
2009-12-30 07:44:01 ET
I may accept your logic Sylvester, but I can't understand why some may hate guys or girls into same sex relation. What we did wrong to hate us... at the end.. sex is a way of love and care to instead of love we must hate and so some Lebanese will be happy.. they will continue hating in politics in society etc...

William MATAR
2009-12-30 07:46:20 ET
Any comment showing pornography, hating language WILL be removed

Elie Assaf
2010-01-03 19:32:20 ET
guys culz u plz be logic a little bit, its completely unacceptable to see 2 persons and the same sex getting married or engaged whatever, coz whats the idea from getting married ? is it to have sex for sure not, the human beiing get married to make a family to have kids and live normal life as its right like that... but why should 2 lesbians or 2 gays marry each others ? because they love each others ??? this is bullshit, how can they have kids to make a family ? adopting ? this is bullshit too coz the kids r not going to live without a mother with 2 gays or without a father with 2 lesbians, and if they did the gays and the lesbians will teach their kids how to be like them and as soon as possible the whole world will be lesbians or gays, so plz be logic and make ur brain think well.

Elie Haddad
2010-01-04 03:28:04 ET
Hey Elie, who is inviting the whole world to be gay?? no one... And the question states: "acceptable or not acceptable in Lebanese society for gays and lesbians to engage in same-sex behavior?" it is not about getting them married or not not and engage kids or not!!