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WHY? ... Why shoot them? Why torture them? Animal cruelty and its justification.
October 2008 by

I Cannot think it extravagant to imagine, that mankind are no less in proportion, accountable for the ill use of their dominion over creatures of the lower rank of beings, than for the exercise of tyranny over their own species. The more entirely the inferior creation is submitted to our power, the more answerable we should seem for our mismanagement of it. (Alexander Pope, The Guardian No. 61 [1713], "Against Barbarity to Animals")

From all the questions one can ask about animal cruelty and its justification, they all add up to one simple three letter word...WHY? ... Why shoot them? Why torture them? Why buy them just to throw them into our pitiless streets??!


"If the Lebanese people are in distress and in constant humiliation in this country, how can you ask of us to help the animals..." There's a statement that we hear several times every single day... However, we ask you, does that make it "okay" to pour a tank of gasoline on a harmless neighbourhood dog and light up a match and leave him to burn alive as he screams and howls for his life... That is the sad but very true story of Bernie, a mixed breed who used to roam the streets of an area in Baabda where some of the neighbourhood people, fed him daily and even put a dog collar on him thinking that might keep him safe from harms way. One night around 2 am the neighbourhood woke up to a loud wail and horrific sounds of shrieking. Witnesses saw only bits and pieces of what they claim was a dog on fire but everyone that night within a mile radius could hear the awful screams of poor Bernie.

One witness could clearly remember seeing in absolute shock, a man who works as a concierge in the building opposite his, was playing with Bernie. He realized that the man was luring the dog closer to him by making it seem like he was playing with him till he threw pure gasoline on Bernie and then lit a match and threw it at the gasoline covered dog. Bernie lit up like a torch not knowing why this is happening to him! The concierge, the man responsible for this inhumane and evil act was ordered by a man G.K. who resides in that building and who ironically enough has a small dog. The witness of this horrific act saw the dog still alive run down the hill still lit on fire. All the neighbours started searching for Bernie so he can receive treatment for his burned body, desperate to find him, some of the people who used to feed him, even looked for him late night when no one was around hoping he might be. After a week and a half of searching, an old BETA board member was finally able to find Bernie and immediately drive him to the vets where he was treated for 3rd degree burns on his back but the majority on his stomach.

We ask... Is this a criminal act? The answer would be yes, absolutely... It is not only against the law, but against humanity and all moral and religious beliefs.... BETA has seen animals being abused and tortured but this is by far one of the worst inhumane acts we have witnessed. After receiving countless phone calls from our supporters to make sure that justice will be served, BETA has taken out a law suit against these two men who so much enjoyed and took pleasure in a sadistic act. In a country where animals are considered to be nothing more than merely four-legged soulless creatures and with very little animal rights, BETA, with the help of a dedicated lawyer who is a huge animal lover, will continue to follow up on the law suit till the very end, hoping for any sort of justice.

Bernie, is now still at the vet's, recovering slowly... His wounds will heal but he will need special care for a while till he is completely healed. If you or a friend can temporarily board Bernie, he will be forever grateful. You will be provided with all the necessary medication and food. He will need a clean place to stay, his wounds need to be cleaned, bandage changed daily and will require lots of love and affection. Please help us find a clean place for Bernie to recover 100% and help him forget what happen to him on that tragic night.


Theo is a white, 3 year old, male, Pekinese who was run over by a car and left in the middle of the road. He must have lost his way home and his owners were nowhere to be found. A lady by the name of Jo Laban from the British women's club saw Theo and tried to carry him but he tried to bite and hauled himself to the side of the road, fell in the gutter and couldn't move.

Jo immediately called BETA for assistance. BETA was able to pull Theo out of the gutter. He was then rushed to the vet. He was treated for a broken jaw and leg. He also had to have a part of his mouth stitched up because it was torn open All recovered and back to normal, he's a very sweet, house trained Pekinese. Currently residing at BETA's dog shelter and looking for a home. He will be a wonderful pet, a life long friend!


Julie, a white, 5 year old poodle was living a pleasant and spoiled life till her guardian died almost 3 months ago and was left under the care of the guardian's sister. Care would not be a good choice of words here because caring is not exactly what the sister did. Julie was thrown on the rooftop of the building with barely any food or water being constantly and repeatedly beaten with a broomstick. The neighbours could not bear the sound of cries that came from Julie everyday and wanted so desperately to do something about it. At first, they were sneaking up to feed her and when they realized it was not enough the young man and his wife courageously took Julie one day when the sister was not around and called BETA for assistance.

Julie was treated for a terrible skin disease caused by open wounds in turn caused by the repeated beating. She is now healing and sheltered waiting to be homed and loved as she once was. She is house trained, obedient, intelligent and very affectionate.

Remember this! Bernie, Theo, and Julie might be just helpless little dogs in this big world but you can be the whole world to them...

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