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Anticipation From LebJournals

I looked into those honey brown eyes of yours,
Just one look , a glance that made me understand,
Made me believe in almighty god that created such perfections.
How can I deny his existence when my life twinkles as a reflection in them?
I need a definition, I need a classification, I need clarifications,
I am in desperate need to understand what boils within me.
What was it? The eyes that made me kneel to the beholder?
The smile that shone like an exotic sun in a distant galaxy?
Your sweet perfume mélanges with the sweetness that is you?
The sensual body that defined the standards of perfection?
I am in ecstasy, in bliss, I am a sinner in the paradise of your love.
Awake am I? In a dream? Aware am I? consciousness evaporated by your proximity

Hypnotized I am ,
My trembling fingers anticipating,
My heart pounding, my chest heaving, shaken I am, time is not a constant anymore,
Focused I am, your silhouette approaches me,
The sound of my breath amplified, hundred of times,

Closer you are to me,
Your body heat burns through my soul

Touching …………

Hesitation, want, need ……..
Tenderness from within me emanate, to an ever tender touch of the silk of your skin …
Ecstasy, torture,
Eternity as I dream it to be…
Fingers dancing through your hair, palm sliding, barely touching,
Down your neck, to your shoulders……..
Touching …..
Oh those parting lips, inviting me,
There, right there, is the center of my universe..
Where to go? Where to start? Appealing, alluring, tempting, every inch of you,
Ecstasy ……………….
Ecstasy ………………….

F.F for omy

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