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LOLs, how genuine From LebJournals

We’re witnessing for a while now a huge usage of this initialism: LOL. It stands for ‘laugh(ing) out loud’. So, it should express one of those loud and bursting laughters one could get while chatting, posting on a forum, or commenting on an e-piece of writing. It’s one of the most used intialisms around the net. It has even spread from the written to the spoken languange in our day to day lives. The best example to point out its high frequency would be my 55 years old mother using it on the phone!
Anyway, you all probably use it quite often as well. Nevertheless, as the titles suggests, are all those LOLs for real?

Well, I could care less! Actually the last thing I would think about while having a little chit-chat with someone would be wondering if he’s faking those LOLs or not. It’s way down on my queries list. It’s even further down than Sharon Stone’s boobs case.

But to answer that question: There’s clearly an overuse, i.e. most of those LOLs, and like most of the human exressions we witness, are just fake.
There are even some studies on the misusage or misinterpretation of the so called internet initialisms. Some dedicated websites and blogs were even created just to save our beloved LOL! Even suggesting that Loi (laugh on the inside) could be used only in those entertaining situations that aren’t humorous enough to evoke a real laughter; whereas LOL should stay reserved for the real ones. Well, who knows, the LOL Care Organization would be declared anytime now and set in business adopting the LOL case and offending False Lolling. Save the LOLs, Stop overusing them! As if it’s a world-wide spreading threat to our very existence.

However, as you already conceived i guess, the main theme isn’t to answer the question suggested in that title above!
All I want is to present a new project that many of you would find quite interesting. It is called: OMEROS. The LOL case was a marketing tool, nothing more. That poor LOL, now it is overused and exploited too. Those silly upcoming organizations would have now two cases to deal with.
Back to our project, OMEROS is actually a she. She is a young motivated and talented woman. However, she’s the core of that project. That’s why it was named after her.

So, what will OMEROS do?
She’ll be an ‘honesty monitor’! Oh yeah, at last we have a reliable lying indicator and a chastiser too. (I guess no need to wonder why should it be a woman that tackle the job!)
However, OMEROS will not be available for any personal service. For instance, no one would have the previlege to use OMEROS for his own benefits on demand. OMEROS works independently and randomly. She surfaces the net, forums (specially the war forums!), blogs, chat rooms, and who knows, even private conversations! Whenever she detects any fallacy, a fake LOL for instance, measures will be immediately taken against the perpetrator. The used methods for the detection will be kept secretive of course. But as to the measures which could one experience as a consequence for his devious act, here is a list with a practical scale as well:

fallacies/event | measure taken
01 - 5 | OMEROS would send you only a warning. She is one of those loving and compassionate women by the way.
06 - 10 | OMEROS would catch you out this time.
11 - 20 | OMEROS would first catch you out, and then would send you a little warning messege of hers that will give you some nightmares for some days.
21 - 50 | OMEROS woud first catch you out, and then would send you one of her furious Bits any Bytes, that would leave you fainted for several days.
> 50 | OMEROS would first catch you out, send you a deadly **** ***** ** *** ***, and then publish a satirical peom over the event on the Lebjournal.

So, are those LOLs for real?
Well, you don’t even want to find out!

Caution: This is only the prologue. The real action is yet to come. BEWARE OMEROS!

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