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I am not against Syrians in Syria!

Syria is a country that Lebanon must have a good relationship with, a strong relation of one independent country with another one... But our government is far from that...!! Where is our independence? Do we still have one?

A Veteran French diplomat, Paul Blanc published a book entitled "Lebanon between War and Neglect." That title is a perfect reflection of the situation today in what was once called "The Switzerland of the Middle East" and is now for all practical purposes a Syrian protectorate! The Lebanese government is committed to the desires and interests of Damascus...

Free Lebanese people are clearly supporting human rights, our civil rights, democracy and liberty, in one term, Freedom! However, the Lebanese government is far from supporting any human rights or civic rights or any freedom of expression; take as an example the dishonorable solution of the Lebanese prisoners in Syria...What a shame..!! Or the big traffic jam the government caused on March 14, 2001 to stop some Lebanese students demonstration...We should not be obliged to be stuck hours in our car because you love
your protecting!!!

I don't mean by Lebanese People any confession, the Lebanese who claimed the withdrawal of the Syrians in Lebanon at "Bkerke place" is not at all a claim coming from Christians, it comes from free people who are not blind by politician interests or personnel position...

Stop cheating your country, Lebanon is ill, Lebanon is dying...

I hope truly other Lebanese will one day have new heart, new eyes and stop being bound by the weight of their own interests.

What can I do?

Better to work to be like a magical bird... free in the air, free of all burdens of systems..., a bird that seeks to express itself in light!! A bird that seeks to have a nest in its own country!! Lebanese people who claim a Syrian withdrawal are not speaking about
confession, Stop that blurring of the truth. Stop that crime!! If you claim your independence, if you love your country, you shouldn't treated this as a religious issue!

But our Lebanese government and some other weak persons boast, vaingloriously, that the claim of Syrian withdrawal is a religious claim. That is untrue! That is the Syrian Strategy! If you tell them, "Get out of Lebanon and let's begin building a strong countries" they will claim that you are either Israeli or Religious...

No, we are NOT Israelites and we are NOT Religious. Instead we are free people who love a strong Lebanon and not a protectorate country.

Other will boast, The Majority of Lebanese is with the Syrian presence... Who told that the question of the Syrian Presence in Lebanon must be resolved simply by who has the Majority...!! Who told that it is simply a game of Pocker...!! It is not Pocker it is Sovereignty.. do you understand the meaning...???!!

Our Lebanese government would also like to change Lebanese history; they said "The Lebanese war was a civil war, fought among the Lebanese people (w la touzkar...). "Stop blurring the truth!! This was a war fought by foreigners "on Lebanese soil"; a war promoted and prepared by our neighbors' countries.

The Christians and the Muslims were manipulated, given arms and money and encouraged to fight. And to their shame they did so!!

Please Syria Go Out, and lets begin a strong relation with you, a strong relation that you may like to call "Relationship with al Shakika, and with a Shakika we truly loveā€¦" we are not against that word, Lebanon and Syria must have good relations but not like the shameful, pitiful one we have now...!!

William MATAR

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